Effortless elegance with no-iron shirts

26 February 2013

Comfortable, practical and always perfect, no-iron shirts are ideal for those...

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What are the parts of a men’s shirt?

19 February 2013

Perhaps not everybody knows, or has paid much attention to the fact, that all...

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The secret to the perfect shirt collar

5 February 2013

The secret to the perfect shirt collar An elegant man can be recognized, first...

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Flannel shirts: soft, warm and durable

25 January 2013

Flannel shirts are known for their softness and high-resistance, in addition to...

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Why do women’s shirts button opposite from men’s...

23 November 2012

Have you ever wondered why do women’s shirts button opposite from...

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Tuxedo shirt: how to choose the right one

31 October 2012

Inspired by the charm of Mr. Bond .. James Bond, this week we want to post...

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Embroidered initials on your shirt

19 September 2012

Embroidered initials on a shirt give this item of clothing a personal...

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Properties of cotton fiber

31 August 2012

Cotton is a most important raw material used in the production of shirt...

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