Morgano knitwear, elegance and simplicity

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Morgano Knitwear

The story of the Morgano knitwear factory begins at the end of the Sixties when, in the Treviso area, the handicraft production of Giovanni Bassegato was born. It evolved, year after year, raising to the level of a true brand of international importance, establishing itself in the fashion industry as a producer of high quality, elegant and comfortable knitwear.


Today, the historic Venetian knitwear factory, a symbol in its own sector, designs and produces prestigious knitwear collections for men and women, distinguishing itself for the use of precious yarns: Australian Merino wool, cashmere and mohair. It also stands out for the essential refinement of the design, for the originality in mixing different materials, and for an inexhaustible creativity, able to give life to innovative, classic and chic items of clothing, were is always present a note of contemporary vivacity.

Morgano knitwear collections come from a tradition that renewed itself throughout the years, still maintaining intact the enthusiasm and the fantasy of its origins, together with a great precision and accuracy in the realization of each item of clothing. Morgano knitwear factory is a synonym of Italian elegance, but it is also the demonstration of a respect for nature, as it uses exclusively procedures environmentally friendly. This is possible thanks to a team of professionals, capable of conducting an incessant stylistic research, experimenting new technologies, selecting the most precious raw materials, and constantly maintaining a high standard of production.


All Morgano items of clothing are realised with loom of a high technical level, and undergo an extremely rigorous quality control, in order to grant the final customer not only refinement and precision, but also the pleasure of wearing a comfortable garment, perfect in every detail.

The style Morgano proposes is also a way of being. It offers a collection of garments with an essential line, ideal for every situation and every moment of the day, for every body shape, and which can easily be integrated in an elegant or casual-chic look. Its soft shapes embrace the figure naturally highlighting the profile; its neutral and light colours, embellished with melange effects and jacquard motifs, characterise a collection unique for its style and atmosphere.