GTA pants, a classy choice


Born in the ’50 as a small family-run business, the GTA tailors’ shop have maintained rigorously intact all the features that makes a distinct manufacture for the prestige and the quality of garments products.



Tailoring technique of high level, extreme precision in the building of garments, utmost care in the finish and in the small details, and lots other particulars to realize pants that born especially from a big passion.

Elegance and style with the maximum liberty

So it is that born the collection GTA pants for man, dedicated to a man sure of his own choices, that knows how to get noticed and distinguish also in the attire, certainly elegant but without to much formality, passionate about life and the world and able to be comfortable in a large city as well as on the country trails.


The attention and the precision that characterize these collections of pants, makes it ideal pieces for who is always be careful to every little details, for who not satisfied of formality but require maximum reliability, and the possibility of creating own look without having to depend on an exaggerated classical rigor or by the continuously changing of trends.

A precious garment for its own style

For their nature, GTA pants cannot be inserted certainly in a price segment particularly reduced, but equally not suited to those who appreciate and know how to give the right value to a unique product, easy to personalize, in line with the contemporary design but without having to follow the constant changes.

Available in Kamiceria’s fashion store, the GTA pants fit easily in a casual and refined dress, in a stylish and sporty set, but also in a outdoor background, perfect for who is always in movement and feels everywhere at ease.