Finamore Shirts, authenticity and tradition



The collections of Finamore shirts are the result of competence achieved in over a century of history. Finamore shirts are today renowned and spread in all showrooms around the world.

In 1925 a woman named Caroline Finamore founded the Finamore factory in the centre of Naples. At the time Caroline was able to produce high quality shirts, according to the Neapolitan tailoring tradition, so created the factory in order to develop this skill and produce for more customers. The initial clientele were connoisseurs and admirers of Italian elegance.

The original factory issued the ideal of using Neapolitan high fashion rules, mimicking that of its founder, it also regarded an elegance a law laid down around the world. These skills were passed down to other members of the family in order to continue this professional and passionate craft.

As the 1960s approached the company opened its largest workshop in San Giorgio, turning it into an important company for hand-made shirts. It also become a more advanced and avant-garde company through its mixture of culture and highly sophisticated machinery.

Through technological advance and the increase in market for the fashion industry came the 1990s. Here the company continued its dedication for hand-made clothing, allowing for a more distinct style that stood out amongst the fashion world. Each creation showcased the rich detail and intricate stitching that the company is known for.
This then advances to the modern day, here “Caroline’s world” has become an international brand name that distributes prestigious and exclusive multi-brand boutiques and department stores around the world.


In terms of quality Finamore is known for incorporating a more traditional and manual workmanship, which adds to the unique and exclusive shirts. These handcrafted clothes are made differently from around the world, continuing the same skills and trade throughout the decades ensuring that each generation continues the production value used by Caroline herself.

The hand-made production makes the designs more appreciated and unique with some of the finamore shirts still incorporating the same skills used before sewing machines were invented.
Each product is intricately produced in order to create a luxurious and comfortable appeal, with the finishing touches being done by hand e.g. sleeves being hand-sewn in order to fit perfectly. As the products are developed by hand it is possible for customers to request a “made to measure” option in order to receive a perfectly tailored shirt.
The collections of Finamore shirts are available on the online fashion store Kamiceria, with a selection of models, in line with Kamiceria’s philosophy. These shirts models will satisfy any desire of elegance, regardless of the style and age of the customer.


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