The ideal shirt collar


Most men do not pay much attention when choosing a shirt collar, but this detail is fundamentally important, especially when it comes to elegant outfits for special occasions or formal events, such as weddings, important dates, galas, or business meetings.

For this reason, when choosing a shirt, you should not forget to pay particular attention to its every detail, among which the collar. In most cases, the ideal shirt collar is the Italian collar, suitable for everyone and any occasion. Let’s see in closer detail the different types of shirt collars:


The Italian collar is the classic one, with straight points. It has a small spread between the two points which disclose the upper button. This type of collar can be worn in a business look and a more informal outfit as well, in fact it can be worn with or without a tie, with rather small knot. It is particularly suitable for robust and round faced men, as its narrow points help looking less plump. For a rather long neck, it is better to opt for higher collars.



The French collar is also called cutaway or spread collar. There are many types of French collars, depending on the width between the two points, but generally the space is wider compared to Italian collars. Due to its spread points revealing more the upper shirt area, it leaves room for larger knots, and it best suits men with thin and long facial features, because of its widening effect.



The Button-down collar has small buttonholes at the very tip of each point, and it is typically considered a more casual collar, thus it should not be worn on formal occasions and ceremonies. However, in the States it is commonly used at work matched to a business outfit. It is usually worn without tie or with a tie with small knot.



Mao collar first visible characteristic is to not have collar points. At its origins, it was detached and could be fastened to the shirt with buttons. According to classic fashion rules, it doesn’t fit in formal outfits, but it is very modern, young and lightweight.



The Club collar is a collar with round points. It is ideal for men who love a refined British dandy style. In fact, it has British origins, and it was part of the Eton College uniform, thus it showed the membership to a “club”. It particularly suits men with thin faces, as its rond points soften the long shape of a skinny face.



The Wing collar, as the name itself suggests in its Italian name “ceremony collar”, is particularly suitable for important and formal events, usually worn with a bow tie. In the early 20th century the wing collar was part of businessmen outfits, but nowadays it is only worn on particular occasions with tight or evening dress.

What’s your favourite shirt collar?