Easy Tips: how to remove shirt stains



It is really important to know the ideal method to remove any stain from your shirt.

Actually, just a moment of distraction, a little accident, at the table with family or friends, at work, or on a walk, may cause unsightly stains on your shirt. Even worse, if the shirt is white or made of a lightweigth and delicate fabric. Anyway, whatever is the nature of the stain, don’t worry! You can follow our simple tips to learn how to easily remove any stain from your shirt, without damaging the fabric.


Blot with an absorbent cloth the excess of liquid, then proceed with a sponge and warm soapy water. If the wine stain has already dried, you should first treat the shirt with a mixture of alcohol and water, and blot with white vinegar. Red wine stains should be sprinkled with abundant salt, which has the function of absorbing the liquid.


First dab with a cloth soaked in alcohol and water in equal parts, and then remove the stain with a sponge soaked in white vinegar. Do not use vinegar on linen.


Wash the shirt in cold water. If the treatment is not effective, try with 90% alcohol .


Soak the fabric in cold water before putting it in the washing machine. If necessary, rub the stain with 90% alcohol or concentrated bleach, but only if the fabric is white or the fabric dye is not likely to fade.


The burn should be repaired by a professional. The burn marks on white cotton may be treated with diluted hydrogen peroxide. Repeat the treatment with bleach before rinsing the shirt in hot water.


If the fabric is made of cotton, rub a dry bar of soap on the stain and rinse in cold water. Never use hot water on grease stains. Alternatively, pour a few drops of dish detergent on the stain and let it act for a few minutes. Before using the detergent, try it out on a non visible area of fabric to prevent its fading. If the shirt is made of silk, sprinkle the stain with talcum powder and brush it.


Dab cotton fabrics with 90% alcohol or turpentine, whereas you should better use a stain remover of good quality on most delicate fabrics.


Generally, blood stains can be removed with cold water. Delicate colors can be treated with water containing soluble aspirin. Leave this solution on the stain for a few minutes, then remove any residue with a sponge and cold water.


Gently rub with a soap tablet or with 90% alcohol.


The best treatment for removing any residual of chewing gum is to freeze the fabric. Once solidified, remove the stain with a brush, then eventually dab with a cloth soaked in 90% alcohol.


Before using the washing machine, dab with a cloth soaked in an equal part of water and white vinegar.

As you can see, the stain removal from a shirt is not that difficult: just follow these simple treatment tips to avoid any kind of problem, prevent the inconvenient of getting worse and damaging delicate fabrics.


Have you ever got a bad experience of stained shirts?

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