Bsettecento men’s trousers, the strength of Made in Italy



Bsettecento men’s trousers

Collections of Made in Italy BSettecento men’s trousers, represent the history and experience of a company that for over 35 years has been building its success on Italian creativity and style. The result is an incomparable product, a constantly developing brand, and a look that has become a real way of being, even extending across Italian borders.

The main strong point of the Neapolitan company is the philosophy itself of the Italian products: all collections of men’s trousers by BSettecento are strictly manufactured in Italy in their every phase: from materials research to the study of design, production and quality control. With this choice, the company has been able to create a line of unique men’s trousers for quality and style, meeting anyone’s needs and wishes for who wants a casual yet elegant piece of clothing, always in tune with the latest fashion trends.


The collections of Made in Italy BSettecento men’s trousers, which are currently present in the international men’s fashion market, include a wide range of models able to satisfy any preference of style and look and suit any occasion, always offering the best quality and a perfect fit. The style specifically suits a man who wears casual but who pays great attention to details, adding a personal note to a contemporary and original look.

BSettecento offers collections of casual pants, in washed denim fabric or in a range of pale colours inspired by nature: chinos trousers with pleats, to wear with a shirt, a pullover in the same colour or in contrasting hue, vintage jeans to wear also with a casual jacket or a blazer, cotton trousers which leave ankles exposed, ideal with deck shoes, and a new bermuda shorts collection ideal for a summer urban look.

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