Effective qualities of Non-Iron shirts



Non-Iron shirts begun to spread on the market in the early Seventies, with the aim of offering men a type of shirt that doesn’t need ironing: practical, perfect and therefore ideal for those who travel frequently and have little time.

Initially, the system to obtain a shirt which maintained its crisp look in a long term, required the use of chemical resins: an effective technique, but it made fabrics barely breathable and could cause allergies. Nowadays, we can say that a Non-Iron shirt represents an irreplaceable item in every man’s wardrobe. Thanks to modern technology, the treatment to prevent ironing is easily applied to pure cotton fabrics of any type, with the possibility of realizing smooth shirts, comfortable, wear-resistant and, of course, elegant and refined in design. Contemporary Non-Iron shirts don’t owe the magic characteristic from the fibers themselves but to an  a special finishing treatement of the fabric, which involves subjecting the finished shirt to high temperatures. This ensure the shirt to maintain its original shape for a long time, and to be perfectly smooth and crease-free immediately after washing.

In addition, finishing makes the fabric more resistant to washing, less likely to shrink and more quickly to dry.

Non-iron shirts can stay remarkably crease-free even after being squeezed and spunned in the washing machine, since Non-Iron fabrics absorbs less water than a traditional fabric. A characteristic with great benefits because in addition it ensures a longer conservation of its shape and color, makes it less likely to shrink and more quickly to dry.


Cotton or synthetic fibers?

Finishing techniques allow the manufacture of Non-Iron shirts in pure cotton, however, sometimes small percentages of synthetic fabrics are employed, like polyester, nylon, acrylic fibers or polyamide. The use of mixed natural and synthetic fibers makes a fabric stretch, lightweight and non-deformable, suitable for the realization of any type of garment. The innovative fiber Dow XLA created in 2006 in Switzerland, is the first elastic fiber in the world intrinsically resistant to chemical treatments and high temperatures. It is also used for bathing suits and work clothes, for a comfortable, durable and practical piece of clothing.

On Kamicera e-store you can find Non-Iron shirts in 100 % cotton or with a small percentage of synthetic fiber, such as Elastan or Dow XLA , and this does not exceed the 3% of total fabric composition.

Some washing tips

When washing a garment made of Non-Iron fabric, it is just recommended to follow the instructions on the label. However, a general rule is to fasten all buttons, fold back collar and cuffs to prevent the shirt to get damage against the drum. Wash at a temperature of 30/40 ° avoiding the use of the centrifuge. Then hang the shirt to dry on a hanger with all buttons fastened, and make sure to stretch both the front and the back of the shirt without folds. In this way, you can wear the shirt immediately after drying, and only a very few minutes of iron will make it absolute perfect. Furthermore, also the use of a dryer and softener are not recommended, in order to preserve unaltered the peculiarities of the fabric.


Consumers’ opinions

“I premise that a Non-Iron shirt will never be like a normal freshly ironed shirt, but still has some good points. Actually, if washed in warm water and hung immediately after washing it looks very good! To wear under a crew or V neck sweater it’s perfect. I wear them under the jacket and no wrinkle is visible.

In the morning they are not perfect as a freshly ironed shirt, but in the evening, after a work day they are definitely better than traditional shirts. 8 in the morning (a well ironed shirt is 10), and in the evening they are still 8, while a traditional shirt can go down to 7.5. “

Kamiceria fashion store offers a selection of Non-Iron shirts of the best Italian brands: Ingram, Caliban, Frarica and Dino Erre: elegant, refined in every detail, and designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience, ideal for those with little time, for frequent travelers, professionals who look for a perfect appearance til the end of the day, or simply for those who do not like ironing.

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