Men’s trousers with cuffs or not?



For a touch of originality, unless you wear a tuxedo or a tight, even classic men’s trousers can be worn with cuffs, usually of an average height of 3-4 cm. You can boldly flaunt them even on elegant occasions, no matters the type of jacket and shirt.

It seems that trousers with cuffs have historical origins dating back the nineteenth century. The idea came from the simple habit to roll up too long trousers, thus avoid from dirtying or wetting them. Nowadays, trousers with cuffs have become a fashion and widespread detail, thanks to the pleasant casual chic effect. In any case, cuffs should not appear as perfect and studied, but improvised, almost if they aren’t done on purpose, worn with or without socks, better with casual yet refined shoes, as leather loafers or boat shoes.


This fashion trend has also become a simple way to shorten trousers a few inches. In any case, it is good to remember that the trousers length should be calculated so as to leave uncovered at least a third of the front part of the shoe, if not the whole shoe when you carefully pick and choose socks. On the other hand, it is preferable not have too long trousers, which may bunch up and create unpleasant folds effect. Trousers with a perfect cut should slightly shrink towards the bottom, with a cuff width not larger than 17 cm, and follow the profile of the leg with elegance.

Notoriously trousers with cuffs are recommended for men with long and lean legs, precisely because cuffs give trousers a more definite bottom line, then giving the impression of short legs, especially if they are heavy, have large ankles or if you are not really high. For men with not too skinny body, trousers with pleats are recommended: comfortable and elegant, hide small imperfections of the line and are suitable for any type of look. Even the classic “fold” of men’s trousers helps make the figure more slender and harmonious: always wear this kind of ironing, except for jeans or casual trousers.

Do you usually wear trousers with cuffs?

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