The charm of blue jeans



The traditional blue jeans, five-pockets model, are definitely the most famous trousers of men’s fashion, a must-have in the wardrobe of every man, regardless of age and lifestyle.

It is said that Italian Genoese sailors were the first to wear the famous work pants in blue canvas, when they exported the fabric from France to America. They were even worn by “i Mille” (expedition of the Thousand) of Italian general Garibaldi. However, it was later in 1873, that Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis turned them into a historical and economic event, when they began their production at industrial level. One of the most well-known models still today is the Levi’s 501, considered the jeans par excellence, mainly due to one of his famous fan, Andy Warhol. He was one of the first to match it with blazer and shirt, creating an innovative and original look for that period.


Since then, jeans have followed the course of history, modifying the style according to social, aesthetic and cultural trends, but thet never outmoded. Symbol of freedom, nonconformity and rebellion, especially during the fifties and sixties. Then, also fahion big brands took them into consideration, transforming them into a trendy and underground garment, often embellished with applications, tears, patches, prints and combinations of different fabrics.


Undoubtely, nowadays 5-pocket jeans are a true cult of men’s fashion, perfect for any type of look. Yes, but how to match them? First, always choose the right size, not too skinny nor sagging. And, if you want a sharp look, avoid the most extravagant designer jeans and opt for a classic model.

A classic match for blue jeans, or even vintage or stone-washed jeans, is the lightweight white shirt. With a turtleneck, even in bright colours, and a blazer, jeans create a pleasing casual chic effect, while for those who dare contrasting mix, they can match jeans with shirt and  tie, or may add a vest and a bow tie for a touch of originality .

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