“Kamiceria Made In Italy” shirts, are back online



By popular demand, Kamiceria Made In Italy shirts are back again. The men’s fashion brand created by Kamiceria fashion store, this time adds traditional Italian male elegance to the high quality of a historic Italian firm based in Puglia.

Creativity, refinement, and great attention to quality are the main elements that distinguish Kamiceria Made In Italy collections. Products are reliable and comfortable, made perfect by the high quality in every stage of production, from the choice of fabrics, to design and production, in order to offer a product in line with fashion trends, but able to meet the high standards of Italian shirts.

All this has made possible Kamiceria to quickly become an important player in the market of men’s fashion, confirming the elegance and quality of an historic Italian product. Kamiceria creates and offers collections of shirts dedicated to elegant men, sure of themselves and their style, and free to assert their own personality.


Kamiceria Made In Italy shirts are available in three different fits, slim, regular and classic; in tradiitonal fabrics, neutral colours, striped or patterned, ideal for a professional yet contemporary look, elegant but pleasantly original. Kamiceria Made In Italy casual models perfectly suit to a casual chic attire.

Kamiceria Made In Italy was created by Bilanzuoli brothers, who have been able to value their passion for fashion, and blend quality to style, standing out soon as a reference brand in the world of men’s fashion .

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