6 types of shoes for a stylish man


Shoes represent an element of strong visual impact. They influence the impression of your overall look, and even men’s shoes may become a real cult object, especially for connoisseurs.

The favourite shoes in a man wardrobe are classic dyed, as black, brown, leather brown, matched with other accessories, although many prefer them in trendy colours: the great variety is such as to give everyone the opportunity to choose according to his own style. The only trick is to focus on a classic design, and avoid square-toed shoes, which alter the natural shape of feet.


1. Most suitable men’s shoes for a formal dress are the classic plain Oxford or Blucher, strictly black colour. Oxford shoes are considered the most elegant, for their low leather heel. Ideal for a business look with a pinestriped suit, but they is also suitable with a tight or a ceremonial dress and dress shirts with cufflinks, for evening receptions, weddings and funerals.They are too formal for a blazer, but their brown version could also be paired with tweed suits, casual jackets and jeans. Patent leather or mirror shine Oxfords are used for very formal occasions with evening dress or tuxedo.

2. Brogue shoes, with the characteristic decorative perforations, in brown or black colour made of boxcalf leather or suede, are more suitable for a casual-chic look, paired with jeans and jacket.


3. For a casual chic vibe you may opt for mocassins, for an informal yet elegant style they can be worn at work or in everyday wear. The soft sole version Loafers, for a distressed yet trendy look, can also be worn without socks. Boat shoes are typically casual, however for their very nature, they require to be matched to high value items: thin striped shirts are the perfect accompaniment for this outfit.


4. Among men’s shoes, Monkstrap are one of the most practical model, closed with a buckle, also in suede, to wear with slim model trousers with narrow bottom, to prevent the hem getting caught in the buckle. Perfectionists match the metal buckle colour with the metal of their belt.

5. Ankle boots and Chukka boots also adapt to a business look, in shades of brown suede. They are also perfect for a country look, combined with casual wear, velvet or tweed items and checked shirts. In Italy they could be worn at office with shirt and a grey flannel suit.


6. Sneakers and running shoes complete a casual or streetwear look, in leather or synthetic materials are perfect for everyday attire. They can even be extravagant, but they are banned with a suit. The same applies to biker boots, which can be well paired to vintage jeans and a leather jacket.

What are your favourite shoes?

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