When men’s shirts become weapons of seduction



It is commonly stated that you can’t buy class, and everybody can agree that men’s shirts, and appearence in general, greatly enhance the charm of a man

After all, who has never been affected by the particular elegance of a man? Valentine’s Day is coming, and on a day dedicated to one of the most coveted and discussed feelings, love, also a little fashion touch may add value to a courtship ritual.

The main rule is dictated by fitting, which has to be perfect, not just for men’s shirts, but for the whole look: right size and perfect details, such as sleeves of jacket and shirt lenghts, shoulder and neck sizes, length of the jacket, and trousers cuffs. A special attention must be paid also to accessories, as cufflinks or swatch, which should be refined but not kitsch.

Bear in mind that romance doesn’t love flamboyance, and seducing is also a matter of style: try to be minimalist and soft, avoid exces of colour and form. Classic colours, pastel or natural, essential accessories, sharp and sober garments: a white shirt or a simple turtleneck, a classic model suit, lace-up shoes, avoid extravagance, showy jewelry or too loud tones for your shirt.

On Valentine’s Day, if you want to seduce the woman of your dreams, remember that besides elegance also traditional gestures are important, combined with a touch of technological sophistication. Small romantic gifts, flowers, a dinner invitation or a handwritten letter, always remain a cult even among modern women, maybe added to more contemporary attentions, like a phone call, an email or a text message to confirm your proximity even when you are away.

Have you already chosen your style for your Valentine’s Day? Gritty or sweet?

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