How to wear a trench coat on a rainy day?



Created and patented over a hundred years ago by Thomas Burberry, the iconic trench coat is still an evergreen for men, a mainstream of the male wardrobe, for an elegant yet original vibe.

The historic rainwear garment has military origins, and was worn for the first time in 1879 by British officers in war, made of cotton gabardine, a durable and waterproof fabric which protected also from wind. Indeed, today men’s trench coats still have those typical details of military uniforms: straps, proctective tabs on the neck and a metallic buckle placed at the bottom of the belt.

Nowadays, the trench coat is a refined and versatile item, perfect for a formal daywear and urban look. In addition to the traditional sand hue gabardine, suitable for every colour combination, there are many variations according to one’s favourite colour and physique: a short model, in dark colour, as blue, olive or khaki, is ideal to look slimming and elegant.


Keep in mind that light colours can be combined with any shade, even contrasting colours, whereas for emphasizing a dark trench coat it’s preferable to choose a light colour suit. There are many variations in more trendy colours, perfect to create a personal look, in line with the season.

Outfit inspiration: for your business wear, slim trousers and a white shirt under a trench coat is the perfect outfit for an elegant and essential look, adding a scarf in harmony with the inner liner colour. For a casual chic appearance, the classic sand trench coat matches well with a pair of chinos in shade of brown, burgundy shirt and a dark blue sweater or black crewneck pullover. For those who want a touch of dandy elegance, just add a flat cap or a light weight coloured scarf.

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