Easy online shopping with ON



XYZE creates the first wearable measuring tape ON to make online shopping easier!

To make online shopping easier, avoiding waste of time and minimizing returns due to wrong size purchases, XYZE has created the digital meter ON. Thanks to a revolutionary technology, it is able to estimate the exact measurements and determine the perfect size of each specific brand.

XYZE technology includes three integrated products: the wearable measuring tape ON, which helps users take their body measurements with precision in a few steps, thanks to the “Resize” technology. A tutorial mobile application then, which registers the measurements taken by ON and turns them into a personal profile. Finally, an integration system for fashion e-shops based on a sophisticated mathematical algorithm that calculates the ratio between user’s body measurements and brands’ clothes specifications, providing users with the right size to order.


The XYZE profile allows you to log in on several online fashion stores and, thanks to a special widget component, combines user’s measurements to available sizes for each type of garment, providing the exact size to order.

A simple and useful item which avoids wrong size purchases increasing customer satisfaction, and minimizes for sellers additional costs related to return shippings.

The distribution of ON technology has just started with a crowdfunding campaign on the online platform www.indiegogo.com, with a special price of  € 39 for the first 100 devices, already pre-orderable on www.xyze.it, for those unwilling to miss the advantageous offer.


XYZE team consists of six professionals, experts in both digital technologies development and product design. They collaborate with some of the biggest companies, advisors and consultants on the market. Founders Andrea Mazzon and Paolo Spiga (above picture) think that consumers are ready to this new technology.

What do you think about ON? Decide your shirt size won’t a problem anymore!

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