Winter essentials: corduroy



Corduroy against cold

Corduroy, characterized by the visible twisted texture, is considered a casual fabric, yet more elegant than denim. Wider cords are generally more informal, while thinner ones in brown, black, gray or khaki are also acceptable for work dress in a business-casual look. Formal and elegant occasions are the only contexts when you should not wear it.

Corduroy pairs well with other smooth fabrics which make it stand out with its natural structure.

A cordoroy suit can be matched to a casual cotton striped or checked shirt; or heavier, like a flannel shirt, and a knit or wool tie. Corduroy trousers can be worn instead with a nice pair of lace-up shoes in shades of brown, a sweater and a light cotton shirt, but can also be worn with soft leather sneakers and a t-shirt or a polo on weekend. A corduroy shirt is comfortable and warm, and is suitable for leisure, for a casual, country style look.

The versatility of this particular textile is its strongest point to consider. Wear it to enhance your outfit and make it more interesting.

Do you usually wear corduroy? How do you match it?