Men’s pocket squares, a classic of elegance



Pocket squares, that is to say that small piece of fabric that men put in their jacket pocket, are one of those details of men’s elegance that despite the constantly changing trends, will never go out of fashion.

As the contemporary designers impose their originalities even in a classic wardrobe, men’s pocket squares will always be a simple and effective way to add class and sophistication to both a strictly classic look, and a more informal and casual style.


White, coloured, embellished with embroidery or original designs, in any case pocket squares must be made in a high quality fabric, like silk or linen, and especially because they are considered chic accessories, they require a particular attention when you wear them. No matter the dimensions, they have a great influence on the effect of the overall outfit.

Nowadays, men don’t usually wear a pocket square just for elegance, but to add a special touch to their outfit, since it’s a detail closely related to personal taste, mood, occasion or even the colour of eyes or other accessories. Pocket squares can be worn in any situation and moment, perfect for an outfit with suit and shirt, but they don’t necessarily require the presence of the tie.


Wearing a pocket square is not something so natural and easy; there are, in fact, different types of folds which give to pocket squares a different aspect:

  • FLAT POCKET SQUARE FOLD: the classic fold, the fastest and easiest to realize. We recommend to use a rather stiff fabric for this type of fold, as linen or cotton. Tuck it in your jacket pocket as it looks flat and unwrinkled.


  • ONE POINT FOLD: it can be realized with a single corner or two corners facing up.


  • PUFF FOLD: the pocket square is placed into the pocket in a seemingly untidy way. This fold is especially suitable for silk pocket squares and gives movement to your look while maintaining the elegance.



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