Celebrities’ tips about men dress suits



Classic dress suit, the one which men usually wear for their wedding or for a very important event where a dressing code is imposed, generally leaves little freedom for creativity, due to its rigid formal rules.

However, it’s still possible, while maintaining the classic elegance of a sharp outfit, to add a few personal details, and choose an original style that reflects your personality and the context of the occasion.

Let’s get some inspiring ideas from the look of three famous couples on their wedding day, and find out some original and interesting details, to copy or modify according to your style preference. Let’s see how a formal dress suit was interpreted with class and sophistication by celebrities.



This year the most discussed event was undoubtedly the marriage of George Clooney with Amal Alamuddin in Venice. Beyond the excesses in which the guests have indulged, the outfit of the actor and American director has been for many a style lesson: a tailor-made suit by Giorgio Armani, the classic tuxedo combined with a white shirt with cufflinks, black bow tie and refined particular jewel buttons.


In this same year 2014, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to get “secretly” married in their French residence. A definitely elegant look for him, although wearing a suit took from his wardrobe and not created for the occasion: a classic black dress suit by Salvatore Ferragamo, with a two-button jacket, white shirt and black tie, given by one of his sons because the actor forgot to pack it. Simple, but effective.



Unusually striking was instead the choice of David Beckham, who in 2014 married Victoria in an Irish castle choosing a style in harmony with the fairy-tale atmosphere of the place: shining total white for his three-piece suit with ivory waistcoat, paired with a shirt of the same colour and satin ascot.

 What’s your choice about dress suits?

source: http://www.weddingsluxury.it