Guide to men’s shirt collars



How many types of men’s shirt collars do exist? There is a huge choice, and each one best fits with a particular style and occasion. From more formal and classic collars to more casual ones.

In most cases, the ideal shirt collar is a straight point collar, also known as Italian collar (right picture), suitable for all occasions and perfect for both classic and casual looks, since it can be worn with or without a tie. The cutaway collar, also known as French collar (left picture) is quite similar, characterized by spread collar points, and it is generally worn with classic shirts.


Also the button-down collar is very popular, with the typical little buttons that fasten down the points. The button-down collar is considered a typical detail of a casual shirt, but especially in America, it is often worn even in a business look, paired with a suit and a tie.


Typically, the rigid collar belongs to classic and elegant items, worn under a formal suit. If the shirt has a certain value, in general the collar should have removable stays inside, sometimes made of brass or mother-of-pearl. They keep the collar shape always perfect, and confirm the high quality of a tailored garment. The soft collar instead, is a typical element of washed shirts, more suitable for informal occasions and a casual look, because of their distressed effect and slightly vintage style.

After all, if you decide to maintain the distinction between work and leisure time, as a general Italian fashion rule you can choose the cutaway or spread shirt collar for a classic attire, and a button-down or washed collar for a more casual look.

Especially when wearing a tie, you have to pay attention to the collar size, which has to be perfect: you should be able to fit one finger inside of your buttoned collar. It is a very important detail, since if you wear a tie with a too wide collar, the result would be aesthetically unacceptable.

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