Christmas, look and gifts for a classy man



Christmas gifts for men require special attention, both to avoid a banal choice and to meet the critical male sense.

An idea that balances the utility and sophistication of a gift is to guide the choice towards an item of apparel, since Christmas holidays it’s time of family meals, business dinners and romantic evenings, there is often the opportunity to show your outfit in public. Outfit will depends on the occasion and place: Christmas Eve in a Mediterranean island is not like a village in Aosta Valley, a family dinner does not require the same look of a business party. In any case, the first rule is elegance: the traditional men’s suit is perfect, maybe adding a touch of trend.

Shirt and sweater are ideal for a celebration with your family, if the environment is casual, jeans will be perfect too, pulls and sweaters in bright colors are also suitable for a casual and chic occasion, as mountain holidays with friends.


When the occasion is more formal, there’s no better occasion to show off your smartest outfit, with a particular attention to details. Great options: velvet and satin, tartan, warm and bright colours as dark red, electric blue, emerald green, white silk shirt worn with bow tie and cufflinks.

Therefore, Christmas look can also be a great idea as gifts for men: a turtleneck sweater to be worn under a jacket, an elegant white shirt, maybe customized with a little embroidery of the initials, ideal for both day and evening, a microdesign patterned shirt or, for more refined men, a tie, a stick pin or cufflinks.

Have you already chose your look for Christmas holidays?

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