Men’s jackets and the mismatched style



Men’s jackets, usually considered as part of a suit, actually are really versatile garments that offer many possibilities of interpretation, fitting in any style.

The mismatched look, made by pairing trousers and men’s jackets of different nature, can be a good solution to mismatched clothes, but also for reinventing a look with originality. There are many possibilities: you can match clothes made of different fabrics, contrasting colours, or totally different items, as a classic jacket with a pair of jeans.


Even the mismatched style has its historical compositions, like the blue blazer paired with light gray flannel trousers, with the addition of a striped tie for a casual yet elegant look, but also a patterned tie in a shade of blue. In this case, however, it should be better to opt for a knitted fabric or a rather thick silk, to avoid that the heavy structure of the jacket and its buttons diminish the prints of the tie.

On the contrary, the blazer should not be paired with corduroy trousers, unless to create an original colour combination, as with burgundy, beige, rust or dark pink trousers. The blue jacket goes well with white, gray or khaki trousers, the gray jacket instead is the erfect accompaniement for black, white and different hues of grey trousers. The black is perfect with all the colours, and beige and brown should be preferably paired ton sur ton or with white.


The jacket and jeans style is very popular, ideal for an evening going out or a walk in the city. You should consider several factors, when matching a jacket with a pair of jeans, such as the model and the occasion. The confusion between blazer sand dress jackets is in fact a problem that often arises nowadays.

Fifty years ago, most of the men wore and knew the rules of the formal dress and the blazer was just a jacket for some specific events, when the season or the situation permitted it without seeming inappropriate. While the classic jacket must submit to the “suit rule”, blazers don’t know such limits. The blazer too, enhances the silhouette but its freedom makes it flexible and suitable for more occasions.


The casual coat and the blazer, do not have problems because they perfectly match with jeans, while it should be better to avoid jackets with a more classic cut, in other words suit jackets. In any case, for this outfit it is preferable not to wear double-breasted jackets, with too pronounced lapels, or very padded shoulders, too lined and made with light or glossy fabrics. Notwithstanding, the jacket-and-jeans matching is considered a casual oufit, therefore to be worn on informal occasions.

Blue and gray are the most suitable colours in this case, but if the cut is not too elegant, even a black jacket can be paired with a pair of jeans, preferably dark or black, for a trendy and chic effect. Even the jacket in tweed, herringbone or checked jackets go well with jeans, vintage, for a nice country effect.


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