How many types of shirt cuffs exist?


shirt cuff

Even though at first glance we do not notice shirt cuffs, this particular vary according to the model of the shirt itself and represent a very important and stylish detail, especially in a classic and elegant male look in the context of an important event or a ceremony. The most important element that makes the difference between the different types of shirt cuffs is the fastening, which can be buttoned, or in more formal dress shirts, it may need the addition of cufflinks, a particularly valuable and mostly valued male accessory.


Double cuffs, also called French cuffs, can be found in the most refined shirt sleeves: they are twice as lons as regular cuffs, typically 10 or 12 centimeters, and are folded on themselves and fasted with cufflinks. Shirts that have this type of cuffs usually fit for more important occasions or formal contexts, paired with an elegant suit. There are also 6 inches shirt cuffs, which can also be used with cufflinks, ideal for a less rigorous yet elegant look.


Simple cuffs, closed by buttons, are 6 or 7 centimeters high, and sometimes in tailored shirts or in some quite original models, can be made in contrasting colours as opposed to the fabric of the rest of the shirt: plain on a striped shirt, patterned, or of a different colour. The edges of the cuff, where the corners end, can be squared, angled or round, closed by one or two buttons placed horizontally, even if mass-produced shirts often have two vertical buttons, to ensure a good fitting.


The sleeves of the shirt, both simple and double cuffs, have almost always the sleeve placket, an opening that follows the slash of the cuff. A design element which in the most elegant models is closed by another little botton.

When coming to fashion rule, the general tip when wearing a shirt under the jacket, is that the edge of the cuff must not be visible more than 1cm, for French and buttoned cuffs as well. This is a rather precise measure you have to keep in mind, if you want to avoid the bad impression of wearing the wrong size.