The linen shirt – Style tips



Summertime is fast approaching and the lightest fashion trends also reach the office. As the weather heats up, everybody knows, even the most demure can be more daring: thus abolish too dark clothes and heavy jackets, now is your chance to opt for colours, comfortable and functional items as cotton and linen shirts, the undisputed protagonist of the sweltering months.

Linen, like cotton, is made from a fiber plant (flax) and it’s considered to be the best fabric for the hot weather, due to it’s very light weight and for wicking away moisture and dissipating heat. The extraordinary quality of this fabric perfectly fits for all hues of the chromatic scale, allowing a wide range of combinations for the spring/summer wardrobe. However, its strong point may also turn into a weakness one, because of the lightness of the fabric it easily creases. The classic fit linen shirt should absolutely fit you the right size, neither looser nor too tight, since its tendency to wrinkle would give you a dowdy look.summer-linen-shirts

.How to look appropriately at work even during summertime?

Linen shirts can be used both for leisure time, at the restaurant, and for an evening outing but also at the workplace. If you don’t work in an office that requires a dress code, but admits a business casual look, linen shirts can be worn for example with a pair of jeans. Choose it plain, however, and in pastel colours, and prefer vibrant colours or striped shirts for more casual places and occasions,matched with or without the blazer. A fashion tip: for leisure moments, roll up your sleeves, it will give you a more relaxed look. Casual linen shirts normally have soft collars to be worn opened, and for those who dare they can also be paired with a bow tie for an original look.


The most funny and summery way to wear a linen shirt is to match it with smart casual pants and a pair of loafers for a fresh and casual look, with a dash of style. Avoid extreme choices that even though elegant, can be a double-edged sword: the total white linen suit is likely to give you an “ice cream man” aspect. So if you love linen, combine it in different colours.


How do you like to use linen shirts?