Mon Art Cufflinks – Interview with the Sales Director Silvia Montauti



An experience gained over more than a century in this activity consacrated to the creation of high quality products. Mon Art Internazionale is the company founded by Roberto Montauti and now led by his son Piero and grandchildren Silvia and Filippo, which produces brassy cufflinks but also brooches, belts and other accessories with the common denominator of careful craftsmanship. Mon Art Cufflinks boast of unique hand-made finishes, realized by skilled craftsmen who give life to classic or more creative models.

Silvia Montauti was born in Florence and grew up in her family business. She had some significant experiences overseas and a strong propensity to supervise the entire production process of the company’s core business, that is arm cufflinks. Sho also begun many collaborations with other leading fashion labels and has a large ability, as a result of her experience, to establish and develop international relationships, an important element more than ever to project a company like Mon Art to success.

Could you tell us a little about yourself, your life and how did you get there?mon-art-accessories

I’m Silvia Montauti, I was born and raised in Florence and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Media and Journalism at the Florence University. I had a very important experience abroad, I lived for a period in New York. Actually I can say that I’ve learned a lot from this experience, since it allowed me to be open-minded towards the world and develop relationships abroad. The family and the company represent the true pillars of my growth. I grew up in MON ART and since my young age I’ve learned the value of work and trade. Nowadays, we have reached the third generation represented by me and my brother Philip.

MON ART INTERNAZIONALE was founded by Roberto Montauti in 1972, upon the tenets of this cultural heritage and has pursued them faithfully in all of its forty years of business activity. The traditions of our company go back to the nineteenth century and the art of striking metals was our core-business. Medals and memorials were our masterpieces. We had manufactured many important awards for greatest men of the past. Now as then, we conserve this heritage inside MON ART INTERNAZIONALE. This ancient minting technique is still one of the strong points of the company, and thanks to my father Piero Montauti’s artistic flair, the company spurs on by the quest for that fresh touch of elegance, but moving on towards the fashion world. Today we design and manufacture fashion accessories constantly proposing new shapes and innovative materials.

So, you do work for Mon Art. What does this company do and what are its strengths?

Mon Art produces cufflinks, tie clips, money clips, pins, brooches, bracelets, buckles and belts. The Mon Art core business is represented by cufflinks. Our accessories are normally made in brass with many different surface finishings, but most of our designs can be produced as well in sterling silver or 925 ° ° ° and even 18kt gold. By pursuing quality, creativity and versatility, we have become suppliers to many world-famous fashion houses, and MON ART brand accessories are marketed in more than forty countries. We participate in many international exhibitions in Italy, in Russia, in France, in China, and we proudly export the values of the Made in Italy, boasting its uniqueness, creativity and quality.

Kamiceria also sells Mon Art cufflinks by now. What makes your products so unique?

The know-how developed over many years of experience. We take care about the quality of the accessories, every year we put our creativity at the service of the company, constantly proposing new subjects. We know the taste of the public, and we only use top quality components. As actual manufacturers, we can offer one of the widest collections of cufflinks in the world.


How do you create cufflinks, and what are the main steps?

The entire production process is carried out in our factory. It starts from the graphic design of the object by computer, then it moves on to manufacturing. The first stage of production is made through special machinery for cold forging, casting or numerical control. Thus the object goes to our expert craftsmen hands for the finishings, as enamelling, buffing, finishing electroplating, and the application of stones and crystals. Only after a careful quality control carried out by our staff on the finished product, our accessories can leave the company.

Your catalogue showcases some really creative cufflinks, representing dogs, cactuses, crowns … There is a lot of demand for this type of so original cufflinks?

These type of cufflinks may seem eccentric, but you will be surprised to know that they are also among the top sellers. The themes are fun, but at the same time refined, dedicated to those who love to spice up the style with accessories. In the end, cufflinks are the only accessory, along with the tie, that man has to express himself and his personality. So dare with colors, shapes, dogs, cactuses and crowns!


We know that your product is Made in Italy, what elements stand out the quality of your cufflinks?

The accuracy of the finishings. Just note the quality of our enamels, opaque or transparent, which perfectly follow the shape and curvature of the small accessory. You will never notice hollows or imperfections resulting from a low-cost manufacturing. Even the stones and crystals (strictly Swarovski crystals) are first choice, and carefully placed in their bezels. The metal used comply with all major European regulations, such as restrictions on the use of lead and the absence of nickel finishes.

Finally, could you give us some tips on how to choose the ideal cufflinks and how to match them properly?

Of course, I would make a distinction and specify two situations. For important occasions, as ceremonies or formal events, I will mix a classic white or blue shirt with classic cufflinks, some metallic ones or with black enamel, or even with semi-precious stones (for example mother of pearl, onyx and lapis lazuli, or crystals in white, black and blue hues). For an every day outfit or an informal situations I would recommend … be original, and dare with animal shapes, billiard balls, and vibrant multicolor Swarovski crystals. Consider the cufflinks as a whim, a detail of joy which brightens up an every day shirt, so dare with accessories!

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