Find the perfect Shirt and Tie color combination



Finding the perfect suit, shirt and tie combination, is not that difficult. However, you should follow some rules since it’s easy to get confused with so many different ties and shirts available in various patterns and colors. Not everything goes together and this is the first thing to keep in mind when dressing up for any occasion.

You can start with a suit, then choose a shirt and finally pick a tie based on your previous choices. If you are looking for a classic color combination, a black suit goes perfectly with a white or light grey shirt, while a sky blue shirt is a great match for a grey suit, as well as pink and lilac shirts if you want to add a bit of color. A light blue shirt is an optimal choice also with a blue suit, try thin stripes or patterns to create a more interesting look. As for checked suits, you might want to choose a micro pattern or small checks to stand out with creativity.

Once you have chosen a suit and a shirt, proceed to choose a tie, which is an important detail that every man should have in his wardrobe. Pick among the different types of ties: solid color, regimental, pattern, silk, wool or knit, just make sure it creates the perfect combination with the suit and shirt you previously chose: To make sure the color combination is working, you can lay down the garments on a bed to observe the effect. Just remember that ties made of wool or knit usually are more suited for casual outfits, with sporty trousers and jeans as well as vintage style shirts and denim.

With a blue suit and a white or light blue shirt, choose a solid or striped blue tie. For a nice contrast, you can opt for a colorful tie: red, orange, red, pink, stripes or checks. With a black suit you can pick, for example, a pink or lilac shirt and combine it with a patterned tie that has tones of grey or black, in addition to violet.

Solid color shirts look great with patterned ties if the tie’s pattern has one color in common with the shirt. To create an original look, you can match patterns, such as a large scale check shirt with a checked tie, or micro pattern shirt with striped tie, just be aware that the sizes of these patterns should be different, combine small proportions with larger ones, otherwise the outfit might not be that successful. Also, keep in mind that usually a tie should be of a darker shade compared to the shirt.

Finally, you should pay attention to your eye and skin color. Blondes, with light skin and blue or green eyes should prefer pastel colored shirts and tie colors that are somewhat close to their natural eye color. Redheads and those who have freckles should play with contrasts: a patterned green, grey or blue tie goes perfectly with a blue or grey suit and a white or light grey shirt. Bright colors are ideal for those with a darker skin and black or brown eyes, a bright light blue or pink shirt with yellow, red, orange or patterned tie is a great combination.

Let us know your favorite color combinations!