A few men’s Business Attire tips



Men’s business attire defines the looks of typical businessmen, professionals and managers, who have responsabilities and where appearance and style are important. In fact, a career man should always take work clothes into account, because giving a good first impression, evoking trust and reliability in other people, is often crucial. In order to create a good image for oneself, it’s important to choose the right outfits, without forgetting own personality and the context.

Generally, business attire is based on classic garments, such as suits, dress shirts, coats, shoes, ties and accessories: it’s a good idea to reserve a dedicated space from your wardrobe to your office clothes to quickly choose the clothes and to always have a great outfit at hand. You should pay particular attention to your work dress shirtschoose high quality dress shirts with the right fit for your body, in order to ensure a flawless appearance all day long.


Suits are an essential part of business attire: you should own at least two, preferably in two different classic colors: black, blue or grey. Who loves originality and likes to stand out, might choose a pinstriped suit or add a vest or a double-breasted jacket, even matched with an elegant overcoat. Also a trenchcoat is a classic work clothing piece, try it in blue or grey or choose one of those classic, typically British, light colors.

The work dress shirt, should have a fit that matches your body type and it should be made of high quality fabric, so it can be worn under a suit jacket all day without a problem. The best thing to do is to have several dress shirts, in the classic and elegant white and light blue hues, maybe one with thin stripes and another with cufflinks. To add personality, office dress shirts can have some color, small checks or patterns, but it’s better to choose light shades.


As we know a tie can’t be missing from a businessman’s wardrobe: everyone should have at least a few choices, one tie with a solid color, one with regimental stripes and another with a small pattern. The tie is the accessory that you may use to add personality and stronger colors to your outfit, just be sure to pick quality ties so that they are durable in time. Finally, a true businessman should also own a pair of black or brown leather shoes.

Always keep in mind that your style speaks about you and therefore has an impact on the impressions other people have of you. You may customize your work outfits, so that they reflect your personality, but don’t go too crazy with fancy colors and bold details. When it comes to business style, classic is easier and safer!