Tips and rules to care for wool sweaters



Although wool sweaters are delicate garments, the nature of the yarn makes these garments naturally elastic and resistant, which helps to maintain their aspect and characteristics for a long time. You should, however, follow some simple rules to care for wool sweaters, in order to avoid damage and to keep them perfect for a long time.


One of the main rules for washing wool sweaters, without damaging the yarn, is to check the washing instructions. If you see the hand washing symbol, soak the garment in warm water with only a little of detergent (for wool and delicate, preferably Woolmark certificated). Wool garments should not be rubbed or squeezed, just soak them in water for a few minutes, then rinse and wrap in a towel. Do not hang wet wool sweaters, in some cases you may briefly spin-dry them, otherwise dry them in a flat position.

However, many washing machines have a specific program for delicate garments, which you may use for wool as well when the washing istructions permit it. This program simulates hand wash and sometimes it’s even more efficent. There are some specific products available to remove stains from wool sweaters, many of which certificated by the Woolmark brand, which are able to remove stains without damaging the fibers. Before removing any stains from wool it’s recommended to test the product on a small area, in order to check the effect on the color. You may remove certain types of stains, such as ink, coffee, fruits and grass with methylated spirits or vinegar, while grease stains should never be treated with hot water.


In order to maintain your wool sweater‘s good aspect, in addition to washing istructions, you should also pay attention to detail and keep these things in mind: Place these garments into your wardrobe without squeezing them too much or hang them on wide hangers, which don’t leave a sign, light pullovers can be folded. If your wool sweater gets wet in the rain, let it dry in open air, if you happen to spot it and you can’t remove the stain right away, try absorbing most of it with a clean cloth. Wool is a natural, elastic, warm and slightly waterproof fiber, which is resistant to use and to diverse weather conditions. Caring for your wool sweaters ensures these garments are long-lasting and maintain their original qualities in time.

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