Pitti Uomo 85, yet another successful men’s fashion exhibition



Pitti Uomo 85 reconfirms its success, as at the closing time, which occurred January 10th, the atmosphere was positive. Infact, a great energy pleasantly dominated all the days of the fashion exhibition and another reason for gratification was the significant increase in attendance and buyers present at the Fortezza: these more than positive results, especially during these unstable economic times, are for sure a reason for satisfaction. The famous men’s fashion exhibition garthered over a thousand brands to the Fortezza da Basso, showcasing quality designs and the constant effort of those operating in this area.

The undisputed star of Pitti Uomo 85 was, amazingly, music. The theme of this winter’s men’s fashion exhibition was Rock me Pitti, a tribute to music, considered as emotion, entertainment, art, innovation and charm: a brand new musical direction that’s capable of blending in with the changing world of fashion.

For the duration of the event, Rock me Pitti animated the pavilions and stands with musical performances and installations, mixing the fashion experience to music in all its forms, from Rock and Jazz, Dixieland and Klezmer, to Tango and alternative as well as ethnic and experimental.

Walking down the halls of Pitti Uomo 85 also means encountering the symbols of street style 2014, all the more or less famous characters of the world of fashion who during these events always “wear” their whole creativity and imagination. As if it was a non stop fashion show, the street style 2014 of Pitti Uomo sets the trends for the future seasons. Choosing unusual and often daring combinations, mixing classic and urban styles, playing with accessories, from shoes to ties, scarves and hats is a way of dressing with no rules, adding a huge amont of originality that clearly shines through – it’s easy for anyone to draw inspiration from these outfits, even in small doses.