Jacques Britt, the elegance of our times



The brand Jacques Britt was established in the late sixties, by Gerd Seidensticker, who already had a solid experience in the shirt industry. With a name that symbolizes the spirit of its international collections, Jacques Britt soon became a datum point in the world of men’s shirts. After 40 years of activity the company renewed its logo, choosing as the emblem a zebra – symbol of sophistication and freedom – the elements that characterize the elegant yet bold Jacques Britt men’s shirt collections.

Today, Jacques Britt shirts are available all over the world and on the men’s online shopping store Kamiceria also. This brand stands out for its high quality manufacturing and sophisticated design, the Jacques Britt collections of men’s shirts are a perfect blend of classic elegance and contemporary styles, ideal for a dynamic, modern and charismatic men.

A lot of attention is paid to the choice of fabrics, which must always be of excellent quality, and to a deep and detailed stylistic research, in order to offer their clients a final product that’s refined, comfortable and, of course, in line with the latest trends, maintaining in time the style that makes this company special.

The Jacques Britt men’s shirt collections are available in classic versions, where solid colors in white or pastel colors with small contrasting details meet elegant outfits for rather formal occasions, in addition to more original and creative variations, dedicated to those who dress with style but with a hint of unconventionality, choosing one of the micro-patterns, multicolor checks, sophisticated and thin stripes or vintage denim fabrics.

Take a look at pages reserved for Jacques Britt shirts at the Kamiceria online shopping store and choose the models that most reflect your style and image, whether you prefer a classic business style or more personal and unique outfits.