How to measure a dress shirt



How to measure a dress shirt, in order to determine its size? You simply need to measure a few precise points of the dress shirt and compare them with a size chartMeasuring a dress shirt is easy and helpful, in order to avoid mistakes with the size or fit, especially if you are going to give a shirt as a gift.

First, place the shirt on a table or any other flat surface. Then, take a measuring tape and measure the following points:

Neck circumference, which should be perfect be perfect, with or without a tie.


Chest circumference, just under the armholes. This is another important measurement to ensure the perfect fit.


Sleeve lenght, including the cuff.


Shirt lenght, from the collar seam down to the hem.


Waist circumference, especially if the shirt has a slim fit.


Once you have all the measurements, compare them with our size chart to find out the size and fit of the shirt.