Ferrante knitwear: Mario Domenico Barculli talks about their success



Ferrante knitwear has over half a century of experience and success, in pursuit of quality. It’s the story of Ferrante, famous name among the most famous knitwear companies: of which Mario Domenico Barculli, the sales director of Ferrante, tells us more. It’s a journey in pursuit of growth, from the 1960’s to date, characterized by countless achievements and plans for the future.

We also discussed the secret of creating a product that would impress both, Italian and foreign markets, in addition to the peculiarities of the brands YRS and AF63 and of course those of the brand Ferrante; Also the latest industry trends and methods were taken into consideration as we talked about the company Ferrante, which considers Made in Italy its strong point, in order to build a solid backbone to Ferrante’s business proposals. 


Ferrante knitwear is among the most famous in Italy – how did this success story begin?

Everything started in 1960, when the company was founded by Amedeo Ferrante, grandfather of the current owners (Amedeo and Emiliano), he started working in the industry creating a company of spinning and marketing of wool. The step from clews to manufacturing knitwear is quite short and this is how Ferrante was founded. The journey continues with great satisfactions and results, under the management of Gianfranco (Son of Amedeo) gaining fame nation wide and becoming one of the leading brands in the knitwear industry. In 2006 the two sons, not even in their fourties, Amedeo and Emiliano took over the management of the company and this was a turning point, the collections became more and more current and the international markets finally recognized Ferrante as one of the most qualified and valuable Made in Italy brands.

To date, what are the goals you’ve reached and what are the aspirations for the future?

We always have goals to reach, every time we set a target for ourselves and we reach it, we immediately set another one, the desire to do better is what makes us go that extra mile every day. In the future we would like to improve our position in the domestic market as well as increase the foreign market sales, which are already bringing some excellent results. We are aware that success abroad is directly proportional to how things are going in Italy.


Ferrante is one of the few companies that manufacture exclusively in Italy, can you tell us something about this choice?  Is the value of Made in Italy still at the level as it once was?

The “total” Made in Italy is our strong point and goal. Infact, Ferrante knitwear collections are manufactured 99% on the Italian territory, mainly in Giovanni Teatino and surroundings. We are convinced that Made in Italy will be even more imporant in the future, a mark of distinction, quality and taste, which will expand even more the gap against imports, especially the Chinese one.

How is a Ferrante knitwear collection created? When and how does the process begin and what are the most important steps?

This is a question that should have been asked from the style department, however, in order to have a successful product on the market, it’s important to blend together creativity, taste, quality and marketability of the garment. Fortunately, our company is very careful in balancing these factors and meetings between style and marketing departments are very frequent, from the presentation of the designs to the finished garment.


In addition to the brand Ferrante, the company also manufactures the YRS and AF63 knitwear brands – How would you define the style of these brands? What are the differences between these and Ferrante collections?

The brands YRS and AF63 are designed for a much younger consumer than Ferrante knitwear, who mostly pays attention to taste, fit and price. We also add quality to these prerogatives as it’s an essential factor for us. The growth of these two lines is in double-digits and it’s our intention to invest even more to them, in order to develop both, Italian market as well as the international one.


Finally, what are the current trends of knitwear? Does Ferrante pay more attention to the latest trends or to impress with a classic style?

In this respect, Ferrante manages to enclose both trends and classic style to its collections, classic garments are the backbone of those who sell knitwear in important quantities. We definitely are one of the leading companies on the medium/high level range, our product is innovative and made with attention to every detail, certainly in line with the current trends and not to mention the right balance between quality and price. Today, more than ever before, clients are looking for reliable suppliers and partners who are able to deliver on time, in the ways and with the assortments that were purchased and have someone answering the phone should there be any problems and who also knows how to resolve them. Ferrante has all these characteristics, it’s an authentic company with its feet on the ground but with a strong projection of the future. 

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