Red, the trendy color for Christmas and New Year



Red is a synonym of Christmas, a trendy color for the 2013-14 winter fashion and a color with strong meanings in the history. Wearing something red is a habit not only during Christmas, but also at the time of New Year’s eve, in fact, having a red garment on during the winter Holidays is a well-established tradition in many countries around the world.

First color of the rainbow, red is full of meanings and a bearer of good feelings: it transmits energy, movement, warmth, vitality and symbolizes love; Red stands out in every outfit thanks to its visual force and it’s appreciated by confident, spontaneous and bold personalities.


In December, during the Holiday season, a red wool sweater is a must-have piece. Decorating the house and dressing up with the shade of joy and love is a ritual that many respect during the Christmas dinner and lunch. A few days later, the night of 31th December, red is still a protagonist: from a red shirt to a pair of socks, or even a pair of boxers – the color of passion has a symbolic value and they say it brings good luck to the new year, in addition, the color has been on-trend for a few years now.

It might be tricky to match red to your outfit, however you should try wearing a red shirt with dark colors, or even with white or black, a red sweater instead, can easily be worn with a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt. You should be careful not to create too strong contrasts, in fact it’s often easier to add a touch of color or choose similar shades.


Among the most fashionable hues for this cold winter is definitely Burgundy red, perfect to give a touch of sophistication to your winter outfits. The color is suitable for both men and women; A red tie is a trendy choice too, it gives its wearer personality and authority when matched with a dark suit. It’s possible to create contrasts with a red tie matching it to black, grey or charcoal-grey jacket. A red shirt instead, owns its fame to the history. In fact, Garibaldi used it as a distinguishing mark while fighting for the Italian unification prior to the foundation of the Kingdom of Italy. Perfect for Christmas Holidays, but also for everyday outfits, combined to a pair of dark pants or classic jeans choosing a solid-color or those who don’t want to overdo it may choose a shirt with red stripes or checks.


With this article on the characteristics and combinations of red we want to thank you all and wish you and your families a Merry Christams and a Happy New Year.