Men’s knitwear, curiosities and tips

mens- knitwear


Men’s knitwear has never fully been included as a part of elegant men’s outfits, it’s been considered more of a sports or casualwear garment because of it’s roots. In fact, the English gentleman of the nineteenth century used wool sweaters for outdoor activities, such as polo, cricket and cycling, creating a new casual style where knitwear was present.

Today, men’s knitwear is perfect for both both sophisticated and refined attire as well as original and streetwear outfits. In both cases, men’s knitwear has an important role and the selections of men’s knitwear online offer a wide choice of models and prices.

The price, in fact, is one of the major factors, since it can guide you to choose a high quality garment – it usually indicated quite well the quality of the materials and of the manufacturing. Cashmere sweaters, for example, known for their precious yarns, usually have higher prices: these garments are very elegant, but delicate at the same time and therefore you should be extremely careful while washing these garments.


Wool, as all natural fibers, is preferable to synthetic materials for men’s knitwear, it guarantees comfort and durability of the garment. In addition, high quality natural fibers hardly show any pilling, which usually comes out on lower quality materials. Other fibers, such as cotton, linen and silk are suitable for trendy, summerly and casual outfits. Men’s knitwear is versatile and sophisticated, and available for any body type. Solid color V-neck sweaters are perfect worn under a suit jacket, matched with a dress shirt and a tie. Crew-neck pullovers and the famous colorful lozenge patterns are ideal for casual chic outfits, while polo shirts and turtlenecks are ideal for those who don’t wear a dress shirt or a tie, they can easily be matched with a pair of blue or black jeans. Also cable knit sweaters are a great choice for your winter outfits, these sporty garments are perfectly on-trend and represent an original yet sophisticated style.


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