Gift-giving guide: How to select the perfect dress shirt



A dress shirt is a traditional yet useful present for him. In fact, in order to choose a gift that will be appreciated, it’s enough to know his size and favorite color.

However there are a few points you should keep in mind:


Take notice of his favorite outfits – are they classic, casual or trendy? What does he usually wear? This will help you figure out the style that best defines him.


Classic colors, such as white and light blue are the most safe choices, especially for a man prefers timeless style and wears sophisticated clothing every day. Otherwise also pastel colors and shades of grey are easy to match and therefore quite safe to gift.

If the gift is for a creative person with a bold and daring personality you can opt for bright and original colors. Think of his personality and try to figure out what color is the most suited for him.


Solid color shirts and those with thin stripes are classics, while checks and patterns are great for a casual man. Just think whether he usually wears solid color or patterned clothing, checks or stripes. The easiest choice is to pick one of the sober solid colors, which are easy to match with everything and perfect for both formal and casual outfits.


In order to gift a perfect shirt, you should know his size and keep in mind these two factors: collar size and fit. Every shirt has its fit: comfortable or slim, and it should be chosen based on his body type. Classic shirts have a comfortable fit that’s suitable for almost any body type, while slim fit is ideal for lean bodies. In addition, a shirt should never be too wide nor too narrow, this is why Kamiceria also offers a third option: Regular fit, which is in between classic and slim.


Cotton is safe and likeble choice, linen is perfect for summer and blended fabrics are slightly elastic. You can also give an useful and practical, by choosing a non-iron shirt, which is made with the highest quality fabrics that do not need ironing. For an alternative and original style a great choice are denim, flannel, vintage and washed fabrics, which also have a softer collar and cuffs.


One pocket, two pockets or no pockets at all? A shirt with one pocket is an elegant choice, shirts without pockets are suitable for both classic and casual attires, while a shirt with no pockets is ideal for those who dress casual. On you can also choose from many different collar types, the Italian and French collars are typically elegant and classic, while button down is suitable for casual outfits as well.

And if he doesn’t wear shirts? Well, just take a look at the wide knitwear selection! :)