Belmonte men’s shirts: High quality tailoring and Italian style



Elegant, sophisticated, yet always on-trend, anticipating trends and styles. Belmonte men’s shirts are made with attention to every detail and with a strong point of view. Belmonte collections are a clever blend of tradition and innovation, as able to combine the classic Italian tailoring methods with contemporary style.

With nearly eighty years of experience, the company established in the 1938 by Adolfo Bellini has build a solid foundation to make high quality garments inspired by the Italian style and blended with fine and traditional tailoring with a modern twist. Starting from the choice of fabrics, Belmonte shirts have a distinctive style, the original cutting of the shirts, characterized by interesting details, inside the neck and cuffs for example and continuing with contrasting buttonholes and top stitches.


Deeply rooted in the family values, Belmonte has been growing since the ’50s, qualifying and learning more about the Italian style and tailoring methods, as well as acquiring customers; in the ’60s the first important turn with a significant growth phase, always respecting the needs and responses of the market, which continued in the ’80s with internationalization and the expansion still continues today, also taking advantage of the new tools of online shopping. However a few things have never changed during all these years, just like 70 years ago, Belmonte showcases collections characterized by the Italian style, keeping in mind the importance of classic tailoring, in addition to fashionable collections, with chic details.


Everything starts with the fabric, in fact to manufacture Belmonte shirts quality of the raw materials is an essential requirement, in order to make shirts that last for long and give pleasent aesthetic sensations. Belmonte’s men’s collection carefully balanced between the contemporary elegance and the style that never passes unnoticed. The years of experience and a great personality make Balmonte shirts stand out with their original yet classic style.


Belmonte is now available also on with chic and classy men’s shirts, which stand out for their Italian style and sophisticated details. See all Belmonte shirts online now!