The elegance of men’s vintage style



In the past few years, men’s vintage style has reached a huge popularity, becoming one of the latest trends of men’s fashion as well as a real style that’s not only a revival of the past, but a way of dressing that’s refined, elegant and contemporary at the same time.

But what’s vintage? In fashion, but also in art, design and technology, items that are designed and produced at least 20 years ago, qualify as vintage products. Often in the course of time these products have become impossible to perfectly reproduct or dublicate, becoming a representation of an era and or often also of an idea. Infact, some pieces of clothing, accessories, furniture, books, but also cars and appliances have left an indelible mark in time.


Today, men’s vintage style stands for class, originality and alternative elegance. Furthermore, nowadays numerous brands in the fashion industry often replicate classic vintage garments into their new collections, drawing inspiration from these clothes and manufacturing new garments giving them that typical “worn” look. From vintage men’s shirts to jackets, jeans and patterned ties: a wide range of garments allows you to add a touch of vintage to your personal and creative outfits.


A classic biker jacket in leather, matched with a pair of stone washed jeans gives an edgy vintage outfit – while the men’s shirts with the classic tartan and plaid patterns in bright colors give that perfect American Vintage feeling. Men’s vintage style can be sporty yet refined at the same time, choosing a waterproof jacket or a Barbour type trench coat, to be worn over velvet trousers and a pair of leather shoes gives you a classic outfit of British inspiration.


For those who like to wear a tie, there are many vintage style patterns available – these patterned ties give an idea of the fifties and the sixties combined with a classic or sporty plain shirt. A great idea to add some originality with vintage spirit.

Finally, those who love casual, can choose a vintage style sweater with traditional cable knitting textures in bright colors matched with a wool jacket.

As always, leave us your comments and opinions and let us know your suggestions to create the most original and creative vintage outfits!