A few curiosities about men’s cardigans



Men’s cardigan is a must have piece in every man’s wardrobe, the garment has come back in style in the recent years and it has a long and curious history. According to the legend, the creator of this garment was not a fashion designer or a tailor, but a noble officer in the British army, James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan. In fact, during the Crimean war he invented the famous wool sweater that’s open at the front – irritated by the unstable weather that made the sweaters without buttons unpractical, he cut the traditional military sweater’s front in half, creating unbeknownst to him the men’s cardigan that would become an important mark in the history of men’s clothing.

Later on the men’s cardigan gained success, especially as a sportswear garment for casual chic outfits but also for alternative elegant styles, becoming a popular piece also for women. As often happens in the world of fashion, also the men’s cardigan’s popularity has changed throughout the years, sometimes becoming particularly trendy and fashionable, however always remaining a great, elegant and timeless classic garment for men.


Among the wide choice of men’s knitwear online, you can find different kinds of cardigans for men of all ages, styles and habits. The men’s cardigans are perfect for mid-seasons, because practical and easy, ideal not only for those who love sportswear, but in more refined versions also for elegant outfits. Staying true to your own style, it’s possible to add a cardigan to your outfits: you can choose between the classic and sporty ones, or pick one with trendy and original tricot patterns, but there are also those inspired by the world of sailing and the sea, the most elegant cardigans made of the finest cachmere wools – to be worn also under a suit.

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