Eton shirts, style and high quality



The history of Eton shirts began in 1928 when Annie and David Patterson established the brand, which today is one of the most famous shirt brands in the world of men’s fashion and that stands for luxury, elegance and high-quality.

The story  that began in 1928 goes on ever since with particular attention to every detail in both, design and manufacturing processes, in addition to high-quality unique fabrics.

Today, the brand Eton continues on the same road, following and honoring the legacy received from the founders. In fact, every season Eton showcases extraordinary collections of men’s shirts made with traditional and high-level tailoring methods, combined with esclusive and contemporary designs that make Eton shirts stand out.

Characterized by refined elegance, the brand’s name is inspired by the famous English college of Eton known for its class, style and discipline and still today the latest Eton shirts are inspired by those values. These shirts not only are carefully manufactured, but also the fabrics have been designed and manufactured exceptionally for Eton’s collections. The cotton fabrics utilized by Eton are made in Switzerland, using only 100% pure cotton fibers of the highest quality, together with other natural fibers, such as linen and silk, using some special tecniques and processes in order to guarantee the best and unique fabrics for the Swedish brand.

Also the color palettes of Eton shirts are amazing, every season numerous shades, patterns, geometric forms and designs are showcased, in order to satisfy every client’s taste and style. Beautiful solid colors, stripes, floral prints and patterns in the most fashionable shades, unusual color and pattern combiantions with contrasting details and textiles that all give life to these unique shirts. Perfect for a contemporary and elegant man who wants to stand out in every situation.

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Image source: Eton