Bramante knitwear, authentic Italian knitwear



Bramante knitwear has arrived to Kamiceria with its elegant high quality garments, representing the style of Made in Italy.

Established in the 1970s in the Tuscan town of San Sepolcro, the company Bramante is owned the Conti family that from one generation to another has been able to develop an unique and original style, renewing it every year and season thanks to the choice of innovative technologies and the use of precious wool yarns.

Italian-knitwear-menToday, after over 30 years of presence on the Italian fashion market, Bramante knitwear has reached fame in Italy and abroad, always maintaining the heritage and traditional methods of Made in Italy. Furthermore the brand stands out for its precision and accuracy in every detail, creating modern collections, perfectly in tune with the latest fashion trends, always with a touch of sophistication that you can only find in truly authentic Italian knitwear.

According to the brand philosophy, all the Bramante knitwear collections, manufactured exclusively by the company itself, have that charm of elegance and originality, although they were simple and casual garments. The brand combines historical tradition of Italian knitwear with new and exiting designs, creating clothing for contemporary and stylish men.


To design and create collections, the company takes advantage of its consolidated experience in the field, in addition to continuos research of the latest fashion and design trends, selecting only quality yarn and wools, which mainly come from Tasmania and Australia. These fine, soft and extraordinarly elastic wools give these garments their radiant aspect and durability.

The knitwear garments manufactured by Bramante are perfect for classic and casual men, who stand out for their chic style, which is always pleasantly informal, elegant and creative at the same time. Ideal also for sporty outfits, but great for any occasion. Natural colors, light gray, sky blue, anthracite, dark blue, jacquard patterns for country style sweaters, knitted patterned jackets, turtlenecks inspired by the nordic climate and the bulky and soft sweaters in solid colors or wide stripes to be worn also under a jacket.

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