Men’s plaid shirts for a charming and trendy look


Check shirts for men

Although men’s plaid shirts are often associated with sportswear and informal contexts, with some clever combinations they may become truly original and versatile garments, suitable for different occasions from leisure time to trendy and chic events.

By tradition and cultural heritage men’s plaid shirts have always been a part of practical clothing, designed for outdoor activities, especially because of their often brightly colored tartan pattern, which is famous as a symbol of different styles and clothing categories, in fact it’s known that hikers, skiers, mountaineers and woodsmen often wear a check shirt. For this very reason plaid shirts are usually made of durable and relatively heavy fabrics with a comfortable and sporty fit, in order to wear them on other garments too.

Man wearing a plaid shirt

However, this doesn’t mean that plaid shirts cannot be part of youthful and trendy clothing: you only need to match them with the right colors and garments. To create an alternative, yet chic look, a check shirt can be worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt, matched with a light colored pair of vintage style jeans. If you want to wear a plaid shirt over sporty trousers, you should choose a pair in a neutral and solid color, avoiding striped and check pants. You should also pay attention matching check shirts with shorts, it is a difficult task to get right. Natural colors, such as sand, rust and gray in soft materials, such as flannel and velvet, are perfect to create a country-inspired style.


For those who like whimsical elegance, it’s possible to match a plaid shirt to a tie. Of course, you have to pay attention, in order to choose the right tie: avoid micro patterns and stripes; a great choice is a skinny tie in a color that recalls those of the shirt, even in the brightest color of the shirt. It’s also preferable that the shirt is slim fitting if it’s matched with a suit and tie.

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