Discover all the latest men’s color trends for fall / winter 2013-2014



Let’s find out what are the latest color trends for fall / winter 2013-14 in men’s fashion. The summer is coming to an end and it’s time to think about the next season and to get inspirated on how to renew your wardrobe with style and creativity.

First of all, it must be said that men’s fashion for this winter season is very free and full of different trends, leaving a lot of space for everyone to choose their own favorites and to create the most original looks. Trends, such as intense colors, heavy contrasts, unusual geometric patterns, checks of all sizes, stamps of all kinds, bold and showy details, from ethnic to camouflage and floral, are all present almost as if to retrace all the youth styles of past years.

Among the latest men’s color trends for fall winter 2013-14, an important place is reserved for black and white. These colors create simple yet elegant combinations, interesting patterns, stripes and optical effects, even with some punk and rock vibes.


As already seen in many of the fall winter 2013-14 fashion shows, another protagonist of men’s colors for the cold season is red, in its various shades from lighter tones to the most intense burgundy hues: a warm and elegant color, absolutely refined and chic, to match with classic colors, such as black, white, gray and blue, chosen not only for wool jackets, sweaters and sportswear, but also for accessories, from belts to smartphone covers.

Of course, nature always remains a huge inspiration for men’s trendy colors, also for men’s fall /winter 2013-2014 wardrobes where, in addition to dark red and burgundy shades, we can find typical autumn hues, such as moss green, brown, rust, ochre, gray, sand, chocolate, but also navy blue, raspberry red and violet shades.

A variety of colors that makes possible an infinite number of color combinations: tone on tone, such as blue and light blue, rust and yellow and of course, contrasting combinations, where you can choose a strong color, such as red, blue or purple and match it to a natural shade, white, black, gray or sand for example. The great variety of prints and patterns available this upcoming season surely inspires those who love originality and uniqueness in the clothing, combining checks or patterns of different colors and sizes allows you to create a casual and definitely chic look!