Summer fabrics for shirts



There is a wide range of summer fabrics for shirts available with different kinds of aesthetic characteristics, manufacturing processes, prices and obviously for various occasions.

The most utilized materials for shirt fabrics are cotton, linen and different combinations of these two as often in the case of end-on.end, which is a variant of Poplin fabric. This cloth is made by weaving different color warp and weft, creating an optical and cromatic effect of a grid or vertical lines; it’s a perfect fabric for shirts of all kinds to match with a pair of jeans but also with a classic suit. It can be made of pure cotton, linen or a blend of these two.


Batiste, fine and comfortable

One of the most acknowledged summer fabrics for shirts is Batiste, named after a French weaver Baptiste Cambrai who invented an extremely fine linen fabric at the end of the thirteenth century. It’s characterized by a smooth surface and by its softness to the touch, thanks to its fine yarns; it’s made with Plain waive pattern that makes it breathable and perfect for those who love  airy and simple clothes. On the other hand the fabric is not particularly resistant or shiny, for this very reason low percentages of viscose or polyester are often mixed with the natural fibers. It’s well suited for women’s clothing and for formal occasions.

Mock Leno or Honeycomb, airy and breathable


Mock Leno fabric, also called Honeycomb, is ideal for airy summer shirts. In fact, the shape of the weave is similar to a honeycomb and that’s what the name is based on. It’s among the most popular fabrics for summer, because the shirts made with it give a nice sense of freshness, have an interesting shine and let the skin breath.

Madras, from India with color


Among the shirt fabrics for summer there is Madras, a fabric invented in India characterized by colorful and decorative checks and for its lightness. It’s often used to manufacture short-sleeved shirts, thanks to the possibility to use a lot of colors and trendy check patterns. It’s a vivid, showy and shiny fabric that can be made of many different kinds of materials, even of silk.