Male fashion bloggers and men’s fashion blogs



In the world of blogging, male fashion bloggers are becoming more and more active and famous, day after day.

It has already been a few years, since blogging became an international phenomenon, offering something in between of a diary and a magazine, creating competition to the traditional media. Blogging is a huge thing also in Italy and there are many talented Italian bloggers, who want to stand out in the crowd. The best fashion bloggers are able to offer the latest news and trends of the industry in a short period of time or even live, giving us the opportunity to be always up-to-date, even from the couch in our living rooms.

As fashion and trends are not limited only to women, also many men are starting to offer information and opinions on their fashion and style blogs and some of these have reached a huge success.


Among the best international fashion bloggers, The Sartorialist offers a look into the streetstyle around the world, highlighting curious details, beautiful shapes, original colors and fabrics, in relation to the enviroment and landscape. Bryanboy is another globally known male fashion blogger, who shows off his eccentric and glamorous style, always with an eye for the world of gossip and celebrities. Also LittleFashionisto is a blog worth reading, the men’s fashion blog of M’c kenneth Licon offers outfit photos of all kinds to get you inspired, but also the most original and interesting looks and styles of the fashion world. A mention also goes to JakandJil that brings the international fashion scene online with the most beautiful photos of sophisticated outfits, which show nice details and originality.


Of course, there are some serious male fashion bloggers also in Italy. For sure Mensreverie by Marco Ravanetti has to be noticed, it’s a men’s fashion blog with a sober and elegant touch, which warmly welcomes suggestions from readers. Mdvstyle, on the other hand, takes a wider look to men’s fashion, talking not only about clothing, but also about accessories, jewelry, events, cinema and cars. The fashion blog of GQ Italy, called Noteamargine, gives nice style tips and advise on how not to stay on trend. Finally, we also have to mention Thethreef, a mix of lifestyle and landsape that brings us to the most beautiful places in Italy to use as an inspiration to create looks and styles. 

Of course, we could continue listing some fantastic blogs, in fact the world is full of talented and stylish bloggers, but for now we wanted to offer you a small piece of what men’s fashion blogger scene looks like. If you have any favorite blogs or you are a blogger yourself, please leave us a link and let us know, why should everybody read it! :)

Also Kamiceria is always looking to make its blog more and more interesting and useful, so please leave us your comment with your tips and suggestions! If you have a blog, please leave us a link to it, we are always interested in finding new people and styles.  

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