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There is a new brand among new arrivals of the men’s shirt store online: GANT. The American brand has gained a lot of fame, since it’s launch in the mid-twentieth century, for it’s sophisticated and creative take on contemporary men’s style.

Bernard Gantmacher emigrated to New York from Ukraine in 1914 and after a long experience in the shirt industry decides to establish the brand GANT together with his wife and children. Since then, GANT collections have been made of fashionable men’s shirts, which combine tradition, high quality, artigianal manufacturing and innovative details that redefine the classic men’s style with creativity.

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GANT was the first shirt brand to bring button-down collar shirts to the United States. Back then this detail was better known in the United Kingdom, as a symbol of elegant and classic style that met the creative spirit of the current trends. GANT collections are designed for a man who pays attention to details and prefers a look that’s not overly formal but still sophisticated and perfect for every occasion from leisure time to professional contexts.

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Kamiceria offers a wide choice of shirts from the famous brand GANT in its always new and original models, which express the characteristic philosophy of the brand: high quality, innovative fabrics, attention to detail, refined designs in addition to original and unusual color combinations. For a youthful and creative look, GANT offers white shirts and shirts in denim with vintage effects and contrasting details. The collections also include a huge choice of different kinds of checks, in two or more hues, always with new and vivid color combinations. Many of the GANT shirts on Kamiceria’s catalogue have the characteristic button on the back side of the collar, which is an esclusive detail of the brand GANT that holds still the tie and adds a touch of unusual originality.  

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Gant men's shirts
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