Men’s mandarin collar shirt, ethnic and chic



The main feature of a mandarin collar shirt is, of course, the short unfolded stand-up collar that has been inspired by the classic garments worn by the past emperors of ancient China. The mandarin collar starts from the neckline and rises vertically about 2-5 centimeters, it doesn’t have collar leaves folded over the base and the edges of the collar usually bearly meet at the center front.

The mandarin collar shirts produced these days, have an ethnic touch to them and draw inspiration from the countries where these shirts are worn on a daily basis, such as China, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The style of mandarin collar shirts is usually quite casual, although always sophisticated, perfect for all occasions, where sober, clean, yet original elegance is accepted, without paying a lot of attention to the current fashion trends.

Because of the particular shape of the mandarin shirt collar it cannot be matched with a tie, for this very reason these shirts are ideal especially in those situations where formal attire is not required or for those who want to add a touch of creativity to their daily style by matching the mandarin collar shirt to a classic men’s suit.

Because of the casual chic look and ethnic elegance of the mandarin collar shirts, they are often made of light weight fabrics, such as cotton, linen and silk, in natural hues, such as beige and grey in addition to white and pastel colors. Sometimes these shirts are garment dyed or even made of printed fabrics, with imaginative patterns, tone on tone or with contrasting colors, in order to offer something for everyone’s taste and style.

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