How to fold a dress shirt



Although it may seem simple, folding a dress shirt requires some attention, in order to preserve the freshness of a clean shirt and to maintain the wrinkle free aspect, therefore it’s better to follow a few simple rules.

You might need to fold a dress shirt to optimize your closet space or if you are packing for a trip. Sometimes hanging shirts on hangers is not possible and to know how to properly fold a shirt becomes a necessity.

Whatever is the reason you might have to fold a dress shirt, a vacation, a small closet, traveling, just follow these few simple rules in order to do it properly:


  1. First of all, fasten every button of the shirt, including those on cuffs and place it on a clean flat surface, with the front side facing down.
  2. A this point, fold the side of the shirt to the middle, creating a parallel line, then fold the sleeve in the same direction. Now repeat the same operation on the opposite side and make sure the distance between the collar and the folds is equal on both sides.
  3. Fold the bottom edge of the shirt about 5-10 centimeters and, while holding the edge fold the shirt in half, placing the edge by the collar and shoulders. You can keep one hand inside the shirt to avoid wrinkles.
  4. Finally just flip the folded shirt over, take a look that all the edges are stright and put it in your closet or luggage.

In order to fold a dress shirt even easier and faster, appropriate and practical shirt folders do exist, another way to fold a shirt evenly is to place a piece of sturdy cardboard on it before starting to fold.