Hawaiian shirts – Men’s summer style



Summer has finally arrived and to make the season’s hot and passionate atmosphere even more intense, Hawaiian shirts are back with the most exotic color combinations to be worn to the beach, but also in the city during hot and sunny days.

The hawaiian shirt has a long history that dates back to the early twentieth century, when in Hololulu a Japanese immigrant created the first of numerous Hawaiian shirts manufactured to the present day. Later, in the 1930s, Ellery Chun patented the name Aloha shirts for his hawaiian shirts, reconfirming the huge success of these shirts. Also the Casual Friday has its roots in the same period of time, in fact it all started thanks to these shirts, as many American companies started allowing their employees to wear a Hawaiian shirt for work on fridays, setting a practice that’s still in use in many offices today. Since then, these colorful shirts with vivid tropical patterns have been worn by many big names of the entertainment business, from Elvis Presley, Montgomery Clift and Frank Sinatra, to Leonardo di Caprio, George Clooney and Dustin Hoffman.

Made in pure cotton, usually with short sleeves and wooden buttons, the floral Hawaiian shirt, with vivid and bright colors, brings to mind sunny days, sandy beaches and tropical islands. It’s a classic and inevitable summer garment for men, that adds a bit of originality, not only for those who like to dress casual. Perfect matched with a tanned body, this men’s shirt gives a touch of color and joy to every man’s style. It can be worn unbuttoned and it should always be left untucked, matched preferably with light or neutral color sporty pants, in addition to sandals or boat shoes.

Anyhow it’s not forbidden to match the hawaiian shirt to a classic or vintage style pair of jeans, with matching sneakers, or even to sophisticated white pants, in order to customize the traditional men’s look with a hint of sensuality.

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