Bagutta Perfect Line, high quality and elegance



Bagutta perfect line is a new collection of high quality Bagutta shirts and the specialty of these timeless and elegant shirts is in the fabric made of truly refined, unique and exceptional fibers that give these shirts superlative qualities, such as high resistance, softness and inalterability, which make them durable, ensuring a long lasting shine and form.

The secret of Bagutta Perfect Line

Bagutta Perfect Line is a brand-new line showcased by the famous Italian shirt brand. These new shirts are characterized by innovative and esclusive fabrics that are a result of a long manufacturing technology research. In fact, the fabrics are able to maintain their impeccable and perfect aspect, even after many hours, making it virtually useless to iron these shirts, which is a huge advantage for those who want to look elegant and sophisticated at all times.

To achieve the revolutionary fabric and to create these gorgeous collections of non-iron shirts only high-quality cottons are used, which mainly come from United States and Egypt, because these exceptionally long fibers give the shirts their high resistance and durability. The fibers are subjected to a special and totally natural treatment carried out in Switzerland, which requires five weeks of time. It consists of applying a net within the cotton fiber that makes the fabrics of Bagutta Perfect Line shirts soft and breathable.

The elegance of the shirts that don’t require ironing

The shirts that don’t require ironing of the Bagutta Perfect Line will soon be available on the online dress shirt store The shirts are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, very resistant and extremely refined. You can machine wash these Bagutta shirts at 30 degrees ºC and you should dry them hanging on a hanger, so that they don’t require ironing and maintain their natural freshness without wrinkles and creases. If you want the shirt to look perfect all day long, ironing the seams makes it completely wrinkle free and assures that it maintains its shape for several hours.

Designed for a man who chooses only the best, dresses with style and never gives up on elegance, the collection of Bagutta Perfect Line, made of cotton twill and oxford, confirms the well-known value and quality of all CIT group’s brands.

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