Navigare shirts | Lifestyle inspired by the sea



Navigare men’s shirt collections are made with high quality materials, designed for a man who wants to appear elegant and original at the same time, details on these shirts make them stand out and all finishings are made with great attention. Inspired by sports and great adventures, the company creates and produces clothes that are perfect to be worn by the sea, but also in many other occasions and contexts: Navigare shirts, in fact, give an impression of practical, yet sophisticated sportswear, to be worn on a boat or in the city, to the office or even for a casual evening.

The collection of Navigare clothing and shirts, inspired by the sea and boats, has made the sophistication and style of made in Italy famous worldwide. From the selection of only high quality raw materials to the manufacturing processes, everything is done with a lot of attention and care, in addition to creating a strong brand image and beautiful and eye-catching packaging, labels, tags and wrap materials. The collection of Navigare shirts for summer has a traveling theme that was inspired by sailing clothes, water sports and by the passion for the sea.

These Navigare summer shirts are made of vivid colors and interesting patterns, with a contemporary design accordant with everyday fashion. The colors are chosen among characteristic and suited shades for those who live and love boats and the sea: Blue, white, red and light blue, to create interesting and beautiful color combinations. Also light blue and white denim shirts, with red and blue details, are a great choice for summer, to be matched with a pair of jeans, or with classic white sailor pants. Men’s shirts with stripes and checks, in two or three different colors, create a sophisticated, yet relaxed look and are perfect to be combined with bermuda shorts.

Pastel colors and slightly vintage effect fabrics are ideal for a globe-trotter style, also to be worn in the city during summer months. For the most traditional tastes, this Navigare collection also includes completely white shirts, made with a classic fit and design, to match with a suit and tie!

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