Men’s style | Finding the perfect look for everyday



Finding the perfect look for everyday might seem difficult, since men’s clothing and style is often either too basic or too refined, making it difficult to find the perfect combination every day.

Men’s wardrobes are usually filled with clothing that matches with everyone’s personal style, and the perfect look is easily influented by one’s way of being, profession, hobbies, in addition to current fashion trends. However, there are some basic clothing pieces, which never go out of fashion, these are essential and timeless items in a man’s wardrobe and therefore, ideal to create the perfect look for everyday.


So, to attain the perfect men’s clothing combination, there are a few basic pieces to own. First of all, of course, is a men’s shirt, this garment defines men’s style and look. A classic fit high quality shirt in white or light color is a must-have, it’s easy to match for both, business and casual occasions and it gives you the perfect look combined with a suit, as with a pair of black or blue jeans. A colorful or patterned men’s shirt is a creative choice for casual styles, while matched with a solid slim tie, these shirts can be worn for some elegant occasions too.

Every man surely has a few pairs of jeans, which nowadays are an inevitable basic item, but you should also have a pair of casual pants in some neutral color, such as khaki, blue or comoflage green. These are perfect for many occasions and a nice alternative to jeans. Another essential item in a man’s wardrobe is a pair of classic black shoes, although you can easily choose loafers, boat shoes or polished sneakers during daily life, it’s good to have them, in order to find the perfect look also for business and formal events.


A V-neck sweater is a perfect garment for every occasion, it can be dressed up or down and it’s elegant, but not too fine. Every man should own one in some easily matchable basic colors, such as blue, grey or brown, and for those who want to add a touch of color, more vivid tones, such as purple, green or red, to be worn under a blazer. In fact, it’s not necessary to wear a suit all the times for formal occasions, although a man should own atleast one suit, a blazer in a classic dark tone, such as grey or blue, is easy to match with many outfits and gives it that touch of sophistication required.

All in all, a man should have these basic items in simply colors, in order to match them easily and to always find the perfect look for everyday life. Later it’s possible to add more colors and pieces to the wardrobe and give it more personality, but it’s easier to dress well if you have taken care of the basics.